What To Know About Kitchen Pendant Lighting Design Ideas

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You probably have seen numerous kitchen pendant lighting design ideas that you adore. However, bringing these designs to fruition is more complex than it seems. There are a host of factors you need to consider.

We know that the kitchen requires different lighting to other rooms. This is due to the fact that we’re trying to have enough lighting in the kitchen to carry out cooking tasks, as well as create a space where guests will feel welcome and be rid of excessive formality. Hence, we discuss what to know about kitchen pendant lighting design ideas.

Why You Should Choose Pendant Lighting For Your Kitchen

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To get the best out of your cooking environment, you need to make use of pendant lighting. Since it is a form of layering lighting, it serves to create a space where you not only get to cook but also get to receive guests or chat with family. Summarily, it helps to maximise the usage of your kitchen, a function which kitchen ceiling lighting or recessed lighting won’t perform alone.

Not only does pendant lighting unlock the functions of your kitchen, it also helps to make a statement. It brings the best out of your kitchen island, kitchen sink, countertops, as well as the dining tables. The lighting also exists in different unique styles. Hence, you hardly can go wrong when you make use of this lighting in your kitchen.

How To Hang Pendant Lighting Over Your Kitchen Island

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Yes, you’ve chosen pendant lighting for your kitchen. You however have to pay extra attention to styling your kitchen island. You may decide to have multiple pendants over the island, go with kitchen island chandeliers, or even an individual kitchen pendant.

You’ll do well to group your pendants in threes. This creates balance in the kitchen. You should ensure that the groupings are evenly spaced. Make use of larger pendants for longer kitchen islands, and thinner ones for smaller islands. You’ll do well to leave around 5 inches of space from the end of your countertops when placing the pendants.

Tips To Pay Attention To While Hanging Your Kitchen Pendant Lighting

You should leave around 30 to 35 inches of space between your kitchen pendants and your kitchen tables or countertops. You should also keep your pendants from blocking views across the kitchen. Lastly, you should put your pendant lighting on dimmers to set and vary mood across the kitchen space.


Making use of only kitchen ceiling lighting or recessed lighting won’t bring the best out of your kitchen. You have to make use of pendant lighting to maximise the function of your kitchen. We discuss what you should know about kitchen pendant lighting design ideas.

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