What Can Industrial Interior Design Lighting Do For You

industrial interior design lighting

Modern industrial interior design is all about exposing everything that lies underneath to achieve the raw, tough, edgy feel. Increasingly being used to design new loft apartments, studio apartments, and even some newly constructed modern homes, the industrial house design trend is quickly gaining converts all over the world. These homes are generally situated below ground level and comprise of a concrete ‘shed’ or a garage attached to a building. Though originally intended for the manufacture of bicycles in the early twentieth century, today’s industrial design concept has evolved into a far more versatile concept with a host of different uses for every square foot.

The sleek, polished concrete that characterizes industrial interior design style is becoming increasingly popular. Often consisting of a single blank wall, concrete walls are perfect for the implementation of a multitude of different lighting effects and sculpture. The concrete surface can be left completely unpolished, allowing it to present the rustic and rugged industrial look that so many prefer. This natural finish also allows for the installation of very elaborate and stylized art work; indeed, some might prefer the rough and ready nature of the industrial look to the elegant sophistication of the Victorian aesthetic.

Industrial Interior Design Style Is Gaining Popularity

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Although industrial decor is particularly suited to the outdoors, the concept is equally applicable within the home. Rough, solid wooden beams are frequently interspersed with fine concrete – a combination that lends itself to sturdy industrial home designs that may be used for workspace, storage, or as a grand entrance to a garden area. Sturdy doors featuring durable locking mechanisms are also very popular with industrial style decorators. Similarly, the use of heavy duty cable and pipes is popular in areas where energy conservation is a priority.

As the industrial interior design style is increasingly popular throughout the country, so are interior decorating ideas that embrace this particular stylistic direction. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find a number of industrial home design products that share a common theme of simplicity and natural materials. In fact, this theme can be applied to just about any aspect of the home, even the bathroom! This results in a product line that is both durable and versatile – making it appropriate for industrial applications and extremely appropriate for use in residential environments.

Common Themes

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One of the most common themes of industrial, modern home decorating ideas is the incorporation of metalwork. Metal is an extremely practical material, as it is often found in high-traffic areas that require a strong, durable presence. Metal grills and cabinets are frequently found in these settings, as well as security equipment such as metal doors and windows. While this is a popular style of interior design with industrial customers, it is also found in many home offices. As a result, many people choose to incorporate such items into their own spaces in order to save money on office furniture and to promote the appearance of authenticity.

Another trend in industrial design style is the incorporation of heavy duty, industrial decor. Heavy gauge steel and iron are often used to build shelving and other hardware that will be found in warehouses and other such settings. However, this same inspiration can be translated to other areas of the home, including the bathroom!

Bathrooms are notorious for being small spaces. Yet, they need to be equally impressive, whether or not they are meant to serve a purpose. Because bathrooms are such small spaces, it is often easiest to focus on the use of large, bold industrial decor. This includes fluorescent lighting fixtures and large, industrial looking mirrors. It is important to consider the overall theme of the room when incorporating such features, as well as the practicality of the items. Many people who wish to use industrial style home decor may find that they spend far too much money getting such items – yet, at least they do serve a purpose!

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many different industrial interior design trends out there. The next time you are browsing the home decorating catalogs, take some time to think about what you like in the way of large, bold elements. You may wish to buy some of these to help you in your own home improvement projects. Yet, remember that there are limits to what industrial, modern interior design can do. Unless you have industrial decorating ideas of your own, you may not want to buy any of these large industrial lights.

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