Understand The Importance Of Artificial Light For Plants

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Friends, we all know that a tree needs carbon dioxide and some water to live. And to cook this food, the plant also needs some energy, which it gets from the Sun. Unfortunately, the Sun is not bright all year round in every part of the Earth. The Sun is barely visible during the day at the Earth’s north pole, Iceland and Finland, or Antarctica to the south. However, they have a scene of 6 months day and 6 months night. 

Can plants grow in artificial light?

What Do Plants Need To Grow? What Is Needed For Plants To Grow?

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 It would be untrue to say that plants need the Sun for photosynthesis. The word photosynthesis is originally from the Greek word ‘photo,’ meaning light, and ‘synthesis,’ meaning putting together. In other words, plants need photosynthesis/photosynthesis, not sunlight. Specifically, they require photons.

Photons are the small particles that make up light or the particles that make up light. Photons are like a kind of bubble, and they contain a certain amount of energy, called photon energy. When a photon hits a plant, it explodes and exerts its energy on that object.

The Sun’s rays are a free photon supply that pre-exists with life. Later life came into existence and managed to survive using this abundant source. Vail plants are also among the earliest organisms that evolved from photosynthetic algae. 

Many billions of years later, humans also came into the field and discovered how to make light. He made his light by inventing first fire and then the incandescent electric bulb.

Now it comes to Podhokki, wherever the light is coming from, all the light comprises photons. For this, it can be said that Artificial Light is also capable of growing your plants. That’s why you can plant bulbs on your money plant. Hopefully, this will keep it healthy and strong. 

Sunlight vs. Artificial Light

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Because there are some major differences between artificial light and sunlight. It is known that white light is made up of all colors, but even within white light, there can be subtle differences in the composition of wavelengths. Artificial light does not contain as much red and blue light as sunlight. And the energy of photons in light of different wavelengths is also different. Green plants absorb energy from red and blue wavelengths and reflect green and yellow light, and that is why plants appear green.

Sunlight is more intense than any artificial light. This high intensity of the Sun is most adapted to plants. The higher intensity also means that plants collide with more photons, allowing them to photosynthesize more effectively.

Artificial Light That Helps Plants Grow Indoors

But it doesn’t matter to us, humans. It is said that necessity is the mother of all inventions; the same thing happened in this field. Artificial light is now specially designed to help plants grow, just like in sunlight.

 LEDs are the best in artificial light; they are most efficient in removing the light of the red and blue parts of the spectrum. And more importantly, they are also more energy-efficient.

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