The Best Interior Design Kitchen Lighting Tips To Follow

interior design kitchen lighting

Lighting may be a crucial element for each kitchen. It must be planned well, to form sure you’ve got enough ambient (also called general), task, and accent lighting. The key’s to possess an honest balance of all three sorts of lighting. The American lighting association states that “a good lighting plan combines all three types to light a neighborhood consistent with function and style”.

Kitchen Lighting – Ambient

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Let us start by performing on your ambient lighting. This is often accomplished together with your general lights and it’s the best source of sunshine for your kitchen space. An honest rule of thumb is to possess a central light point within the middle of the space, sort of a pendant fixture. Then, go for a grid of recessed or track lights in your ceiling. It is ideal that you simply should have a recessed light every 5 feet approximately.

Wall Sconces

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Typically, the sunshine sources for general lighting are recessed or track lighting, and as mentioned above, pendant fixtures like chandeliers for instance. In some cases, wall sconces are often a part of the overall lighting. Confirm you’ve got enough of those sources to illuminate your entire space but without creating glare.

Kitchen Lighting – Task Light

The second lighting type is task light; it’s the foremost important! This kitchen lighting will assist you while prepping, cooking, or reading. It is recommended to have ample task lighting for all kitchen counter areas. Here quite ever, make sure your lights don’t create glare or any distracting shadows. The most common task light in a kitchen is the under cabinet lights. Companies also offer mechanically activated lights illuminating the inside of the cupboards.

Kitchen Lighting – Accent

The third and last sort of light is accent lighting. You’ll create a special mood and add drama to any space with this sort of lighting. It is not suitable to highlight specific areas, like an architectural feature, or a texture on a wall. It’s often used also to showcase a specific item, sort of a painting or sculpture. Wall sconces, picture lights, LED reveals, recessed or track spotlights are all fixtures one can make use of.

Lighting Favorites

It is good to have pendants above kitchen islands. It anchors the island and provides the chance to feature a pop of metal, glass, or maybe color in the kitchen. Whether you keep it centered or off-centered, that’s totally up to you. An offset cluster of pendants can add a dramatic focus. While a linear pendant, centered, are often just the piece you would like to end your space. Surely, the classic two or three pendants, aligned, on top of the island always work as well!


Kitchen lighting is a very important part of the overall decoration of the house. You need to make sure that you get your lighting useful and attractive as well. Proper lighting in the kitchen will help you to do all the work in an efficient and attractive manner.

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