Important Elements To Consider Of Kitchen Lighting

A kitchen with a table and a chair in a room

There is a lot involved with lighting when you are redesigning a kitchen and many people don’t know how to get it all done. Designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen in any room in your house is not difficult but there are specific things to consider when considering lighting for your kitchen.

Kitchens that have high ceilings or are multi-level have different considerations than a kitchen that has a flat, open floor plan. In designer kitchens, it is important to use light to show off certain items and make them stand out. If you want to show off a nice wine collection or a beautiful chandelier, you’ll want to illuminate these fixtures. Otherwise, they will blend in with the kitchen’s overall look.

Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops

A large kitchen with an island in the middle of a room

Kitchen cabinets and countertops need to be considered when designing lighting. They are often the central focal point of designer kitchens and should be given plenty of attention. Use light to highlight the decorative aspects of these elements. For example, using track lighting to showcase cabinet designs can draw the eye down to specific parts of a design. Under cabinet lighting is also a practical option that can be used under counters, over sinks, and even along the backsplash of a countertop.

The placement of your lighting needs to be functional as well. Many designer kitchens require a specific type of lighting to focus on certain objects. Think about where a lamp might shine if you are trying to highlight a picture on the wall. In addition, consider the optimal placement of your lighting fixtures so you can achieve a sense of balance in your kitchen.

The Stove

A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

With designer kitchens, the most common element in the kitchen is the stove. To get the most from this functional element of your kitchen, you’ll want to install as much lighting on the stove as possible. This can be done through having under cabinet lights installed or by using track or recessed lights. 

Regardless of which way you go with this important lighting element, however, be sure to have a professional come into your home and inspect the space for any unwanted clutter or dark corners where your new lighting might not be a good fit.

A Sense Of Ease And Warmth In The Room

Lighting is an important feature of designer kitchens because it creates a sense of ease and warmth in the room. It can also help you see around the room better when you’re working. If your lighting is too bright or distracting, you can ruin the overall look of your work area. This means it’s essential that you spend plenty of time thinking about what type of lighting will best suit your kitchen.

There are two primary reasons that kitchen lighting is an important part of designing a kitchen. One is that it enables you to see your work clearly and the other is that it helps you to prepare food quickly and accurately. In short, designer kitchens with proper kitchen lighting create a sense of comfort and ease while a chef or cook is preparing meals for you or your family.


Lighting is also important because it serves practical purposes outside of the kitchen. For example, if you cook in your kitchen often then you may find yourself using your oven and range more than once during the day. You may even want to place a small kitchen island in front of the oven so that you can easily preheat the foods that you need to bake at the moment. Designing your own kitchen lighting gives you many options. The next time you’re considering adding new features to your kitchen, consider upgrading your lighting system so you can get the most out of your space.

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