How to Use Small Artificial Trees With Lights to Enhance Your Home Decor

small artificial trees with lights

You can make your own small artificial trees with lights in a snap with this how to guide. You don’t need a complicated tree to have Christmas tree decorations; all you need is a little time and patience. Here are some simple steps that will show you how to make a tree with lights – even for a tiny bonsai tree!

You start off by getting the tree or bonsai tree of your choice ready. Your tree needs to be at least one to two feet in diameter. You can use tin cans or other containers for this size tree. Get it ready by pruning it back to its roots.

Now it’s time to wire your tree. For small artificial trees with lights, I usually leave a few branches that connect to the main trunk. If there are any long branches – trim them so they are smaller in size.

Securing All The Wires

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Trim these branches away and then bend the wires down into place. Make sure you secure all of the wires to the tree. You should probably use a few nails or screws to hold the wires in place. You can use double-sided tape or electrical tape. You should probably start by putting the lights on the branches and working your way toward the bottom.

When you get to the base of the tree, you’ll probably want to remove the wires and hang the tree barefoot. Wearing a pair of gloves can help you to keep the wires from getting tangled. You can also twist the wires by hand. To help support the tree, add some sand to the bottom.

Using Woodchips

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The last thing you’ll do is to stake the tree in place using some woodchips. Then attach the small support wires to the tree. Use the woodchips to level the tree – this can be done while wearing your gloves. Just make sure you don’t nail or screw the wires down. Once the tree is level, screw or glue the tree down – making sure you use the right type of glue for the tree you’ve bought.

Once that’s done, you can attach the small lights to the branches using clips. Be careful where you clip because you don’t want to break the wires. You can also paint the tree – something that might not be obvious if it’s barefoot. Then attach the tree to the supporting posts. The lights will be attached at the bottom and may be adjustable. You can easily access the clips – just look for the small clips that are already attached to the tree.

Using Artificial Trees

All these are just some of the things you can do with small artificial trees with lights. The possibilities are endless – you can create a tree house, a windbreak, or even display things such as miniature figurines. If you’re thinking of a great project for Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries, then why not consider something like this? You won’t have a better ornament than one that was made using this process – and that’s saying something!

As mentioned, trees are perfect for this project because they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. This means that you shouldn’t have any problems finding the perfect small tree to use for your display. Also, the branches of a real tree are usually all different colors, unlike small lights for trees that only have one color. There is really no way to obtain this effect with any other type of decoration. If you’re going to display these trees outdoors, you should make sure they are protected from strong weather.

Safety Of Account

Another thing you should take into account is safety. Don’t let small kids play around with the wires – keep everything away from them, and never allow them to touch the wires themselves. These small pieces of equipment are extremely dangerous if they come into contact with anything sharp – a hammer, for example. Children can also choke on small wires when they pull them.

Finally, think about aesthetics. Artificial trees come in all different shapes and colors – why not match your decorating scheme to the tree? This way, not only are you getting a tree that is functional, but you are also providing your home with a beautiful decoration. The small branches of a real tree can easily match with the style of a contemporary living room – something that you would hardly be able to achieve with a fake tree.

Final Verdict

If you haven’t used small artificial trees with lights before – don’t let it be an opportunity to avoid one. Real trees can provide many benefits to your home, no matter what you need them for. Don’t be afraid to get something a little more elaborate than what you were looking for. It may seem like a small investment at first, but you will definitely find that these small trees with lights add a lot of value to your home.

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