How to Display Artificial White Christmas Trees With Lights

artificial white christmas trees with lights

Artificial white Christmas trees have been popular for many years. The reason is not hard to find. It does give the holiday a very different look than what we would have if we used real snow, leaves, and even the traditional shiny gifts that we all receive at this time of the year. Now we can add artificial white to our trees as well. Here are some tips on getting your own fake white Christmas tree ready for the holidays.

Add Light By Yourself

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A fake white Christmas tree will not come with lights. You will need to add those yourself. If you do not know how to connect them, it may be best to hire someone who does. This can save you time and make decorating the tree a bit easier. Most lights come with directions on how to connect them so keep that in mind when you get ready to make your tree.

You also may not be able to put all the lights back on at once. You should probably plan on only putting the lights back on half way through the tree. You can then take the wires and bundle them together to form your tree. Since most artificial white Christmas trees will not come with extra lights, you will need to buy those separately and hook them up one at a time.

Adjust The Lights

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When you get ready to decorate your fake white Christmas tree, there are a few things to remember. First of all, remember that the lights come on half way down the tree. You will want to carefully twirl the lights back and forth to avoid accidentally stringing them across the branches. Also, you will want to make sure that you do not string lights along the fence or door frame because they can end up being ruined by the sharp ends.

Twirling the lights in the other direction can help you achieve a more realistic look. To do this, you will need to bend a pair of string lights that you have purchased into a triangle. Then, bend the bottom two ends of the triangle to form a hook. You will use this hook to twirl the lights down the tree. Make sure that you do not stretch the bulbs because if they were to stretch they may break.

Hang The Lights

Another way to create an artificial white Christmas tree with lights is to simply hang a few lights on the tree. The best idea is to make the lights a little bit higher than the rest of the tree so that you will not accidentally clip them along the roof or wall. If you do not want to hang the lights, you can just leave them in an obvious location so that guests can see them.

Last Words

When you are choosing your artificial white Christmas trees with lights, it is a good idea to purchase ones that are made out of high quality materials. These lights are much more durable and should last for many years without losing their brightness or their color. If you want your lights to last for several years, then make sure that you buy these types of lights.

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