Experience The Alexa Hue Lights Commands

alexa hue lights commands

After you’ve joined your Philips Hue lights to your Amazon Echo, you can try out some of the voice and IFTTT commands that the two smart home devices have to offer.These Alexa hue lights commands should work with your Echo Dot, Echo Show, and other Alexa-enabled devices like the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick in addition to your conventional Echo. While some of these instructions will function with first-generation Hue hubs and non-color lights, the most recent hardware will be the most reliable.

Alexa Hue Lights Commands Uses

Turn The Lights On/Off In Your Entire House

It’s normal to switch off all the lights in a single room, such as the kitchen or living room, but you can easily ask Alexa to do so. This is useful at night when you’re going to bed and don’t know which rooms have lights on.

Dim Any Hue Light Without a Slider Control

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You’re probably used to thinking of lights as binary, that you can either turn them on or off.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that all Hue lights can be dimmed. Even if you don’t have color-changing bulbs, you may cover or brighten the lights to fit your environment.

Control The Visual Temperature

While increasing the brightness is useful, did you know that Alexa can also assist you in controlling the temperature? Changing the temperature in a room is ideal for various activities. Cool blue light, for example, tends to stimulate our eyes more than a warm orange glow. During the day, a more energetic temperature is ideal, while at night, an amber ambiance can be created.

Make Your Lights A Very Specific Color

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You’ve certainly tried changing the color of your color-enabled bulbs, but did you realize you can ask Alexa for specific colors? Philips has several suggestions that may appear strange at first, but the corporation is a color expert.

You can only use Alexa to adjust the hue of your Hue bulbs if you have a second-generation Hue bright. It won’t work with first-generation bridges.

Start A Party Instantly With This Light Show

You’ll probably want to join up for IFTTT or connect your Echo and Hue color light bulbs to get the most out of them. An exhibition of color is the first applet you should test. This is a great way to demonstrate the variety and benefits of linked light bulbs to your guests.


Alexa hue lights commands, rooms, zones, and sceneries from our Hue setup Color temperature can be adjusted in addition to pictures, brightness, and color control. Alexa has her way of naming settings, such as “Read in Table,” and she may be selective with voice instructions.

What you’re lacking is Alexa’s support for more sensors, such as Philips Hue motion sensors, to automate our intelligent lighting. Let’s hope the appearance of our Hue Motion sensors in the Alexa app means this upgrade is on the way.Alexa supports sunrise/sunset schedules in Alexa Routines. We can now automate additional smart home devices along with Philips Hue through Alexa and don’t need to create sunrise/sunset schedules in the Philips Hue app. In combination with the new “ramp time” for brightness in Alexa Routines, we can now create natural light transitions over time, which can help us to wake up and prepare for bed.

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