Excellent Tips And Designs For Your Recessed Kitchen Lighting

recessed kitchen lighting design

Some people believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home, well it is the heart of humans as well. Humans live in this world to earn and eat food, and if you make more, you should even spend more on your kitchen. Nowadays, people have become smart; they know how to utilize their space. Modern kitchens are a new future, and the kitchen should have numerous and spacious racks where they can store as many items as possible. It looks so beautiful with sliced cabinets, drawers, and ambient lighting inside the drawers. Apart from the democratic aspect, we have to ensure that our kitchen is safe, the electricity and plumbing are correctly done. Therefore, some architects make blunders in fixing lights in the dim kitchen, which causes safety issues. That is why in this article, you will get Amazing tips and designs for your recessed kitchen lighting to fulfill your needs.

Three Essential Layers Of Recessed Kitchen Lighting

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Your kitchen should be spacious, modern, and feature-packed. Therefore, these are three essential recessed kitchen lighting that will illuminate your kitchen. The first one is ambient lighting; as the name suggests, it is used for a great ambiance. These lights are placed on the floor and roof of the kitchen, which makes your kitchen look more bold and bright. The second layer is of task lighting, and this lighting is done on the counter, sinks, near the stove, and other appliances. The reason to add these lights is to assist you in areas where the regular lights cannot reach to help you find utensils and other tools. The third and last layer is accent lighting. This lighting is done on ceilings, and these lights are mainly for décor to enhance your crockery collection. These lights can be used on various architectural designs to highlight and improve them.

Choosing The Color Of The Lights

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Mainly there are three types of color lights: soft white, cool white, and daylight. You have to choose between them as per your need, and what temperature you need to maintain. The ambient lights are done with cool white to have a neutral effect, to create a nice ambiance. Accent lights are mainly of daylight, as they are for décor use, so less light is ideal for it.

Designs And Fixtures For Your Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Ambient lights are wall-mounted or can be added as chandeliers or lanterns. Task lights include various ceiling lights which hang from the ceiling and provide enough lighting. Accent lights are cove lights, these and mounted inside the cabinet for decoration. Last thing you need to do is to connect with an expert. Get an experienced electrician, and place the lights according to their function at their specific place.

Summing Up

The recessed lights illuminate the kitchen, and it makes your kitchen look beautiful and different. However, make sure you add natural light sources as well, as the small window or skylight will make your kitchen perfect and more natural. 

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