Choosing The Right Artificial Tea Lights

Artificial Tea Lights

Artificial tea lights are a very stylish and trendy addition to any garden or patio. They come in a large range of colours and styles, which can really make your outdoor space look more like the indoors.

Choosing The Artificial Tea Lights

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When it comes to choosing an artificial tea light you should be aware that there are three types available. The first is called the wall bracket. It is designed as a standard wall mount and there is nothing special attached to it. However, it can be mounted above a table or other flat surface for a nice effect.

Types Of Tea Lights

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This type of tea light is also perfect to use in gardens as it can be placed anywhere without the risk of damaging the plants. In fact the only risk is from the sun being reflected off the water surface, so it’s a great way to add light to a garden in the evening when it’s not being used.

The next type is called the pendant light. It’s the most decorative of the three types and is also the highest up. It can be mounted on a fence or roof and can be used to accent a garden wall. This type is perfect if you want to give some extra lights without having to deal with the risk of damaging the garden.

The last type is the post lights. They look more like hanging lanterns than pendant lights, but they do the job and look really stylish. They are suitable for most gardens and can be mounted on a deck, fence or even on a building.

As they’re all adjustable, you can make sure that each one will match the rest of the lighting scheme. They also have various levels and different brightness settings so you can get just the right amount of light in your garden.

You may find it difficult to choose between the three natural tea lights because each has its own special qualities. There are advantages and disadvantages of each type and you may find that one style is better suited to your home than another. If this is the case, then it’s a good idea to discuss this with a professional designer.

Buying Artificial Tea lights

Before you buy an artificial tea light it’s a good idea to check out the ones on sale. They’re not that expensive, but they’ll save you money on the energy bill too.

Check the size of the light first, because some people think that the larger lights will give the impression that they’re bigger than they actually are. For example, if you have a large deck and the wall and ceiling are made of bricks, then don’t try to fit the artificial tea light in so that it’s too small.

If you have a wall with a ceiling made of tiles, then don’t try and fit the artificial tea light in under it because it could look very unsightly. Just leave enough room for the light to shine through. If the wall is made of bricks, then there’s no need to worry about it looking too small because if the wall has been painted, then the artificial tea lights should work perfectly.

If you have a smaller deck or a wall that’s decorated by plants, then don’t try and hang the light from the ceiling since the light won’t reflect off the plantings. Try to hang it over the deck or on a wall so it will look better.

Also, make sure that the light you buy is compatible with the light you have already. Some artificial lights are designed to work well with other lights so if the bulbs in the bulbs don’t match, the light won’t work. Check the power rating of the light first.


The last thing to consider is whether the light will match the area it will be placed in. Some people think that you can buy an artificial light that will look exactly like the one you have but it will not match the furniture in your house and give you the same effect.

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