Best Artificial Lights For Plants For Their Growth

best artificial lights for plants

Plants add to the beauty of a house. They require minimum maintenance and give so much more in return. Even if you can’t afford the luxury of a big house with a nice backyard or a lawn at the front, there are many options for growing plants indoors. The easiest ways is to use a used bottle and fill it water and place your plant inside it along with some soil. But for some apartments and small houses, adequate natural light can prove to be an issue. But don’t let that dim your spirits and discourage you from pursuing your botanic passions. We have made a comparison between some of the best artificial lights for plants which will help you plants receive enough light for healthy growth. But first, we need to understand what kind of light suits your plants:

Different Artificial Lights For Plants

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Different plants have different requirements and growth. Some require less water and some need to be watered twice daily. Some require little light while others can’t grow without light. We need to know the requirements of our plant before we start growing it to make sure if it is suitable for growth in low light or artificial light. Some factors which are needed to be kept in mind are the intensity of light, the duration for which we keep the light on the plants and the spectrum of the light that is being used.

Best Artificial Lights For Plants

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The following is a comparison between some of the best artificial lights which can aid in the nourishment of your plant and we will see which artificial light best suits your plants:

For artificial lights, you can choose between incandescent lights, LED lights, fluorescent lights or halides. When you come down to it, the competition is narrowed down to two competitors only: LEDs and fluorescent lights. Sunlight provides the complete spectrum of light which is the requirement of plants and this is the first thing we look for when selecting an artificial light for our plants.

Both LEDs and fluorescent lights provide full-spectrum light. Fluorescent lights work best for the plants which require low to medium amount of light but can’t really fulfill the appetite of plants which require more light. They are also quite economical and an easy choice for in-house lighting. LED lights on the other hand are much more environmental friendly, and they don’t cost a lot more than fluorescent lights. In addition to a full spectrum of light, they also provide some blue light which plants require for healthy growth of their roots.

Some high-tech LEDs are especially being made for the purpose of growing indoor plants. LEDs consume half as much electricity as fluorescent lights and last 5 times longer than them. If you look at all these statistics and facts, LEDs do seem to be a much better choice.


Growing plants indoors now has become really simple and you don’t need to worry about getting best artificial lights for plants. A simple LED light will suffice. LED lights are the best artificial lights for plants are we’ll choose LED lights over any other light any time.

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