Best Artificial Decorative Lights for Christmas Trees

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Indoor plants are the best way to jazz up your surroundings, as the greenery is refreshing and even adds color to your interiors. However, even the best of gardeners sometimes find it challenging to keep their plants alive, especially during dry winters! An excellent addition to indoor plants is decorative light fixtures that can keep your plants under bright lights even among the darkness that is persistent during winters. 

1. Hydrofarm Jump Start Grow Stand 

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This grow stand is a robust, aluminum coated frame with a fortified top frame that gives excellent coverage to seedlings and small plants. This frame does not require tools to bring it together, as it snaps together without any connectors. It comes with a 24-inch, high-output, 6400K T5 fluorescent lamp (2,000 lumens). This frame is perfect for growing small plants, as it does not have coverage for larger plants. The cons of this frame are that the fluorescent bulb it comes with is also inefficient in providing maximum coverage. Additionally, the frame lacks a tray, so it can’t elevate the plants closer to the lights. 

2. Mindful Design Wood Finish LED Indoor Garden

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If you love to garden, but your house does not have enough space for you to delve into your passion, then you should definitely look into this compact yet sustainable indoor garden that can be easily placed in your room, kitchen, or office! This indoor garden system consists of a bright, 850 lumen, 4000k LED that imitates natural light and enhances plant growth. It also comes with an automatic timer, so you do not have to worry about the timings of the decorative lights. 

3. SunBlaster SL1600218 Micro LED Grow Light Garden

Yet another compact design that handles your plants in an efficient way! This system waters your plants for you and can be placed on any countertop! It consists of an aluminum frame, decorative lights that can be adjusted up to 18 inches, and self-watering action for 14-21 days. However, this device provides little room for growth, and you will not be able to expand your garden beyond the length of this frame. 

4. Sunblaster Mini Greenhouse Garden Kit 

Garden kits cannot get any trendier than this one! This condensed garden kit can be placed on top of any tables and does not take up much space at all. It is the best option for growing microgreens and also for seed germination. The planting tray is sized at 10 by 20 inches and gives the effect of a tiny greenhouse with an 18-inch, full-spectrum high output 6400K T5 fluorescent lamp (3,730 lumens). 

5. Agrobrite Floor Plant Lamp

This durable, flexible, and easy to move lamp is the perfect solution for giving bright light to your plants. This is an excellent product if your plants are large as its neck is quite flexible and can be molded in any direction you like. It also does not take up any space in the room at all. It comes with a 5400K LED lamp (1,500 lumens) that is energy efficient and imitates natural light. This floor lamp can also double as a reading lamp! Despite its advantages, this is not a suitable lamp to own if you have seedlings as it is too high to provide direct light to them. 

These are the 5 best artificial decorative lights we recommend you to buy

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