Bedroom Light Textures – You Will Love It

A bedroom with a large bed in a room

You have the bed, perfect wall colors, decorative items, but what’s missing in your room? That is light. When you want to decorate your bedroom perfectly, then the first thing you should do is to select a perfect lighting for your bedroom. The lighting that can make a room perfect for reading, sleeping, relaxing, etc. You use the following ideas and tips to create a beautiful lighting plan for your bedroom. Here we are going to tell you some bedroom light fixtures that help you to create a beautiful bedroom.

Pendant Lights:

A bedroom with a bed and a mirror

We suspended pendant light from the chain, wire, or rod. It has stylish and space-saving lights, and it is more affordable than chandeliers. Now, pendant lights are more popular among us, and everyone likes them. Pendant lights come in different varieties in different shapes and different sizes.

There are some most appropriate pendant lights-

  • Multi-light pendant.
  • Downlight pendants.
  • Drum-shade pendants.
  • Inverted pendants.
  • Linear pendants.


A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Lamps are in every home but the most important thing is which one is suitable for your bedroom. Lampshades give a cute look to your bedroom. The lampshade is made of different materials like paper, glass, fabric, stone, etc.

Here are some types of the lampshade-

  • Painted lampshade.
  • Dip-Dye lampshade.
  • It has a pleated fabric lampshade.
  • Watercolor lampshade.
  • Botanical Lampshade.

Floor Lamps:

Floor lamps take a special place in our bedroom as they are enough to make a room beautiful. If you want to make the house’s interior beautiful, then floor lamps can help you with this. Floor lamp makes your living space more luxurious. Let us tell you that these lamps with various designs are also a great home decor product.

Here are some floor lamps that will brighten your bedroom-

  • Filament tall floor lamps.
  • Multicolor fabric floor lamps.
  • Lightning archives floor lamps.
  • Moonlight reflection floor lamps.
  • Paper floor lamps.


The chandelier is one of those decor items that has a significant impact on your room. A chandelier is suspended from the ceiling, and it holds some bulbs or candles. What type of chandelier you choose depends on your room theme?

Some popular chandelier types-

  • Crystal chandelier.
  • Glass chandelier.
  • Tiffany chandelier.
  • Candle chandelier.
  • Drum chandelier.


A sconce fixed to a wall with an ornamental bracket. Here we tell you some of the most popular sconces-

  • Wooden sconces.
  • Candle sconces.
  • Swingarm sconces.
  • Lantern wall sconces.
  • Picture light sconces.

Simple And Beautiful Bedroom Tips

Here we have also added some simple tips and ideas that you will try to decor your room. 

  1. High Contrast
  2. Clean and Serene
  3. Go With a Theme
  4. Get Rustic
  5. High Shine
  6. Pattern Play
  7. Add Some Wow
  8. Texture Makes It Interesting

Final Thoughts:

Above, we told you some bedroom light textures include- pendant lights, lampshades, floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces. If we take care of things related to Vastu shastra while lighting the house, then it will bring more happiness and prosperity to your house. Lightning makes you feel comfortable and brings beauty to a room.

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