Beautify Your Plants Even More With Butterfly Solar Lights

A few additions of butterfly solar lights to your already gorgeous plants at home will up the ante in creating a beautiful landscape design, whether you have a garden or a few pots on your porch. These twinkling lights will definitely make your greens the center of attention in your neighborhood, and even inside your own home!

Beautify Your Plants Even More With Butterfly Solar Lights

Butterfly Solar Lights: Add Color To Your Greenery

Plants are a way to give a fresh and natural vibe to any space. Be it your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even your patio and backyard, there’s something about greenery that instantly refreshes the atmosphere and beautifies the rest of its surroundings.

If you’ve already got a green thumb and have your own green babies in your home, well and good. If not yet, try giving it a whirl. You’ll be amazed at how nature’s products can up the level of the aesthetic in your home.

Imagine that, and then add butterfly solar lights on your precious greens. Gorgeous, right?

Butterfly lights will definitely add pops of color to your plants. 
Beautify Your Plants Even More With Butterfly Solar Lights

Also, they’re unique statement pieces that will definitely keep your space spruced up and colorful, unlike any other. That’s the uniqueness that’s a tier higher than others.

Thinking of purchasing flowering plants to add color to your room? That’s no problem, too. But with these lights, that color will deck out your already beautiful greens even at night! You can call a 2-in-1 combo! Multicolored butterflies at daytime, and butterflies that light up after the sun goes down.

That’s aesthetic creativity added effortlessly.

Why Choose These Color Lights?

They’re the easiest way for you to revamp your area, especially when it comes to your beloved plants. Whether bushes, pots, shrubs, and even trees, LCPShop’s butterfly lights are sure to give them that extra glow, at any time of day. Switch them off in the AM and let their colors come alive naturally. And at night, turn their lights on so that they can provide radiance to your garden.

Additionally, these unique twinkles (cute, right?) are eco-friendly because they rely on alternative energy. They’re chargeable! They take only about 8 hours to fully charge. Moreover, they can be used for 6-8 hours straights at the same time, after charging. More lighting time than most similar bulbs out there.

Beautify Your Plants Even More With Butterfly Solar Lights

Furthermore, they’re very safe to use. Although these butterflies need to be hooked on to an outlet to charge, they only consume around IP44 in terms of voltage. This means that they won’t cause electrical surges. Plus, they won’t do much in terms of adding to your electricity bill. They charge at a very minimal wattage.

Get your set of butterfly solar lights from LCPShop now! Each pack contains twelve of these babies. In fact, grab more than one pack and fill any space in your home with them. Not just your plants, but parts of your home that you feel like needing a bit of color to be refurbished, with only one simple décor addition!

Surprise your friends and family with these gorgeous butterfly décor now!

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