Artificial Lights For Plants: Different Types To Help Them Grow

Artificial Lights For Plants

Artificial lights for plants are becoming widely popular among the planting community. Artificial lights for plants help them to grow in places where there are no natural light. In today’s time, most people stay in apartments that do not get ample sunlight or natural lights.

So gardening is not an option for many people. But the innovation of artificial lights solely for this purpose makes it easy for many people to go back to their cherished hobby.

Artificial Lights For Plants: Horticultural Grow Lights

As the name suggests, these lights have all the wavelengths that a plant needs to grow. The full spectrum of wavelengths helps in the growth of plants like African Violets and many others. Many gardeners use them extensively to grow plants right from the seedling.

Artificial Lights For Plants in your office
Artificial Lights For Plants: Different Types To Help Them Grow

Artificial Lights For Plants: Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are fancy lights that give out a lot of heat energy and not the most favourable for young plants. Moreover, they barely save any energy in comparison to other plant lights like inflorescence lights.

Artificial Lights For Plants: LED Lights

LED lights are very modern lights that you can customize depending on your choice. You can customize every single bulb and make sure that they cover the entire wavelength spectrum needed for plant growth. Moreover, these plant lights consume lesser electricity and help in saving energy. They look aesthetically pleasing and add to the beauty of your home.

Artificial Lights For Plants: Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are a great source of red wavelengths and are suitable for plants. Since they give off a lot of heat too, one must keep them far away from plant foliage. They are a good source of lights for plants and help in their growth in places where the red wavelength of light is missing.

Artificial Lights For Plants: Fluorescent Lights

Unlike the lights, as mentioned above, fluorescents are the best option for plants. They often have the full wavelength spectrum that plants need. But most of them only radiate blue light. Therefore, when you go for fluorescent lights, you must go for the cool lights or white lights in comparison to regular lamps. Keep them at a distance of a metre from our plant foliage. They can be paired well with incandescent lights which radiate only red light.

Artificial Lights For Plants at home
Artificial Lights For Plants: Different Types To Help Them Grow

Tips And Tricks

Now that you know the different types of artificial lights and what their use is, it will be easier for me to tell you how you can effectively use them.

In the room of your plant, place both incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs in combination so that your little plants can grow well. Putting a mirror on the floor will help to radiate the light coming from the bulb and go back to the plant foliage. Get a moving lamp with different kinds of bulbs and fixtures.


In conclusion, to sum up, the article would want to end on a helpful note. Growing plants in today’s day and age is a necessity for all of us and therefore must be a priority.

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