Artificial Lights and Anxiety

Artificial Lights Anxiety

Anxiety caused by artificial lights is also known as photophobia. Phobia is a fear of something and in this case, it is light. Here is some information on artificial lights and anxiety.

Those diagnosed with panic, mood disorder or anxiety are also susceptible to light sensitivity. Such individuals have a low tolerance for light and bright stimuli. The type of light also matters. Fluorescent lights affect anxiety all the more. Anxiety causes light sensitivity and there has been a strong association between the two. Such anxiety disorders also regulate behavior or mood. 


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  • Exercise helps to cure anxiety: When a person exercises, the natural compounds in the body are stimulated which help to make the person feel better. One of the ways of treating depressed people is to prescribe 30 minutes of daily exercise, early sleeping patterns and healthy food.
  • Anxious people might need combinations of antidepressants: Some people do not get relief with just one antidepressant. They might need another one in combination with the first one to get them some relief. According to some doctors, these people have treatment-resistant depression which does not get healed with certain medications. 
  • Therapy helps to treat them: Anti-depressants are often administered initially to let them come to a normal level of understanding after which therapy and counseling is given with an aim to change their faulty thinking patterns. They are given cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation and other types of therapy. 
  • Warming up therapy can sometimes be useful: According to some doctors, some people get depression owing to the altered or faulty thermoregulatory systems in their body. Warming up their bodies with the help of hot baths, saunas or hot yoga is sometimes quite beneficial. 
  • The first person to help you fight depression is you yourself: Constantly denying depression will only make your symptoms severe. One can help you out of this condition only if you are willing to oblige. 
  • Continue your day-to-day work with normalcy: 

The depressed person should continue doing his socializing, work and day to day activities as if nothing is wrong. Time would eventually heal his problem with proper medication and counseling but there is no need to quit on your work and sit at home. Socializing, meeting new people and getting busy with work helps one get rid of depression. Also, maintaining a journal with all the day-to-day activities and thoughts also helps the person to fight depression.

Healthy diet: 

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A healthy diet is the key to all the health and happiness in the world. According to some doctors, a gut is considered to be the ‘second brain’ of the person and whatever we put inside it helps to improve the mental health of the person. Serotonin is an enzyme secreted in the gut which helps to regulate a person’s mood. Anxiety or depression is often triggered by lack of serotonin. Some vegetables, oats, healthy carbs, whole grains and barley help to increase the production of serotonin in the body. 

These are some ways to treat anxiety due to artificial lights.

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