Architectural Lighting Fixtures – Integral Part Of A Building

Architectural lighting fixtures are an important element in any building, whether it is an office of a school, a clinic, a restaurant, or any other type of business. Lighting is a very effective tool to create a unique and attractive space in a certain place, especially in high-rise buildings.

A good architect or design team will be able to know how lighting can be used to beautify a building. The most appropriate time to add or change the lighting in a certain place is to decorate and add beauty. They will be able to choose the best lights which would be suitable for the overall design of the building.

A good design would be to use the proper lighting for the structure of the building. This is an important consideration as the wrong lighting arrangement can create shadows that can cause blindness. It can also make the spaces in the building dark, which may make it difficult to see the items or the people inside the room.

Architectural Lighting Fixtures - Integral Part of a Building
Architectural Lighting Fixtures – Integral Part of a Building

Artistic Vision Of Architectural Lighting Fixtures

It is important to incorporate a very artistic vision when designing the lighting fixture. It should have a certain look that would give a certain feel. The colors and designs of the fixtures should complement each other to create a unique and appealing look.

There are basic fixture types like chandeliers, recessed lighting, spotlights, table lamps, wall sconces, recessed fixtures, and others. Each type has different characteristics. Each fixture type can be customized to meet specific needs or specifications.

One important thing to keep in mind is that it is very important to match the fixtures with the particular features of one’s particular location. Most of the time the architectural features will affect the fixtures which they will add or replace. So it is very important to consider this before purchasing lighting fixtures.

Furthermore, designs can be created using different styles, colors, shapes, sizes, styles, patterns, and materials. One of the popular designs is the lighting fixtures with an interesting design like an angel with wings. These are among the most popular designs and are usually found in several locations where artistic designs are necessary.

Some people might find it very difficult to design such designs in their own homes. So they prefer to purchase the fixtures and add them to their home. Other people do not care for such designs as they think that such designs are not that interesting or that they do not want to add them to their home.

Architectural Lighting Fixtures - Integral Part of a Building
Architectural Lighting Fixtures – Integral Part of a Building

Types Of Lighting

Types of designs that can also be created are regular lighting, spiral lighting, neon lighting, warm lighting, cool lighting, soft lighting, neon lighting, stained glass, textured lighting, chandeliers, skylights, mural lighting, and various types of sculptures. Some of the designs which are created with special artistic features include Angels, beasts, dragons, angels, Buddha, pictures, animals, and many more. Others who are creative and like creating some types of designs may even design the designs themselves. The designs can be developed by changing the colors, sizes, shapes, and other aesthetic features.

Moreover, architectural lighting fixtures that are available are led fixtures, halogen, and fluorescent. Other types of light fixtures include HID, flood, and waterfalls. Some of the more popular types of architectural lighting fixtures are recessed lights, ceiling lights, fixtures, wall lighting, chandeliers, light panels, ceiling fixtures, and floor lights.

Recessed lights are used to provide supplementary lighting or to hide wiring of some kind. Also, recessed lights are suitable for offices or small shops, whereas it is not suitable for large stores because of their limited output. Recessed lights that are appropriate for small shops include LED, metal halide, HID, and LED.

Light panels are used to add additional lighting to a location. They can, therefore, be fixed at the top of the walls or at any point on the wall.

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