Ambient Lighting Interior Design: A Guide To Welcoming Homes

Ambient Lighting Interior Design

Ambient lighting interior design is a crucial feature today in modern homes. The beauty of your house depends a lot on the ambient lighting interior design. Gone are the days when painting the walls with beautiful paint and putting up showpieces was enough. In the 21st century, people in the interior decoration industry have set very high standards. One can feel as if they are entering a five or seven-star hotel as they step into their living room.

Ambient Lighting Interior Design: Factors To Keep In Mind

Before we discuss what type of lights will help in the beautification of your homes, we should explore the factors that will be effective in the atmosphere of your house.

Ambient Lighting Interior Design for you
Ambient Lighting Interior Design: A Guide To Welcoming Homes
  • Size And Shape: The size of a particular room, as well as its shape, is significant to know well before we think of what lights to put up.
  • Age and Preference: This is an essential point to keep in mind while setting up lights. It is the resident who will be living in the house, so their comfort is of primary importance.
  • Shadows and Reflections: A room that is dark and shady gives a negative vibe to the guests and the residents. A well-lit room helps in feeling positive and bright. Putting dim lights or minimum lights with a lot of reflections and shadows can be a major put off for those living indoors.
  • Geometry and eye task: A lighting professional must know how to integrate the lights in a way that is smooth on the eyes. If they are too bright or too out of focus, they do not serve the purpose and subconsciously harm the brain.
  • Psychological and Physiological factors: Your home lighting puts a lot of effect on your mood and energy levels. Intense light may make you feel angry and frustrated while soft lighting can make you feel calm and soothing.

Ambient Lighting

Best Ambient Lighting Interior Design
Ambient Lighting Interior Design: A Guide To Welcoming Homes

This is the overhead lighting or general lighting that makes the interior of the room visible. It is a combination of natural lighting coming from outside and artificial interior lights.

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, this lighting is majorly to focus on specific tasks or work you want to do. Activities like studying, reading; writing, working, cooking, and sewing needs task lighting.

Ambient Lighting Interior Design: Accent Lighting

Accentuate your house with these accent lighting and leave your guests in awe. They come in different shapes and sizes and works to highlight your showpieces or any other material that you want your guests to focus on.


Before you hire a professional to guide you through your lighting decoration, you must have some knowledge of the same yourself. This will help you in two ways. One is that: If the professional is trying to fool you by showing off his knowledge, you can catch him/her off guard. Secondly, knowing will help you be an active part in your home interior rather than just nodding your head and feeling powerless about it.

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