Amazon Echo Hue Lights Commands You Should Learn In The New Gen

amazon echo hue lights commands

Technology is advancing each day and making our lives better than ever. Nothing delights more than things happening on giving commands. The Amazon Echo is one such smart speaker which responds to users’ voice using Alexa. Alexa is its artificially intelligent personal assistant. Using Alexa echo hue commands, a person can research on the internet or control the lighting of the home.

Setting up

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Before giving commands to Alexa and using Alexa echo hue commands, it has to be first installed properly. There are two ways of doing this. Firstly one can directly import scenes and rooms from the Philips Hue app and give the command “Alexa, discover devices” and then press the connect button on the Philips Hue app. Secondly, one can install the Philips Hue Skill setup to additionally import rooms and scenes from the Philips Hue setup.

Now, for using the setup and connecting Alexa to Philips Hue, a ‘My Hue’ account is to be generated. This account will enable the communication between Alexa and the Philips Hue app.

While using the setup, all the scenes will be imported to Alexa. But all of them may not be needed. So, before connecting the two and using the Alexa echo hue commands, the undesired scenes are to be deleted.

Enabling The Philips Hue Skill

The Alexa app is opened and locate the ‘Devices’ section at the bottom right of the app.

Tap on the ‘Enable Smart Home Skills’ and then tap on ‘Your Smart Home Skills’.

Search ‘Hue’ within the Smart Home Skills, select it and tap on the ‘Enable to use’ option.

The Philips Hue Skill requires account linking. So login with the Philips ‘My Hue’ account.

On the ‘Grant permission’ page, click on ‘Yes’ to link the account.

A message like “Hue has been successfully linked” will appear.

Tap on “Done” and the Alexa echo hue commands system is ready to use.

Features And Responsiveness

The Amazon Echo speakers work using the artificial intelligence ‘Alexa’. The Alexa echo hue commands system gives us absolute control over the lightning and other electrical appliances. It enables us to switch on or off any electrical appliance even when we are not in the room. Its responsiveness is commendable. It gives us control over the intensity of lights in the house or office. It also enables us to research on the internet, play videos, change the color of light, change the temperature of light, etc. All that is required is some basic voice commands to efficiently use Alexa echo hue commands.

Some Of The Amazing Commands

“Alexa, turn on/off all the lights”- this command turns on/off all the lights of the house.

“Alexa, lower{room name} brightness 60% less”- this command helps to control the intensity of the light in a room.

“Alexa, turn the lights tomatoes”- it is easy to change the color of lights but with this command, the color can be changed to a specific one. There are other commands as well like, “Alexa turn the lights dark khaki”.

“Alexa, make {room name} light warmer”- this adjusts the brightness such that the overall temperature of the room is also changed.


The Alexa echo hue commands have some really amazing commands and they let the user do a lot of things without even making a single body movement. The Amazon Echo speakers are versatile and very handy to use. There is no particular format for giving the commands. A little whimsical language can be used to get the best commands but it must be remembered to start the commands by saying “Alexa”.

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