4 Pocket Friendly Contemporary Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas You Ought To Try

contemporary kitchen lighting design

If you want to give your kitchen an upgrade without burning a hole in your pocket, you have come to the correct space! Why? This is because just like you, we believe that having the correct lighting can not only amp up the mood of the space but can also amp up your cooking style thus enabling you to cook better food and steal the hearts of every person in your house. So, to help you do so in an easier way, we have four pocket-friendly contemporary kitchen lighting design ideas that have proven to do their jobs quite well!

Excited to check them out? Well, wait for nothing and hop on!

Use A Combination Of White And Gold

A dining room table

For all the people who absolutely love the antique look and just can’t get over it, this idea is the ideal one for you. A combination of white and gold can not only add an antique touch to your space but it can also enhance that classy look which you have always wanted to have in your kitchen. It can fit into any modern, contemporary or classic designing theme and will also be easy on your pockets. Plus, they would also make for great pictures that you can upload on the ‘Gram!

The Perennial Black Beauty

A group of people in a dark room

Black can never go out of style. It is classy, it is bold and it is lovely to look at. Besides, black lights can also enhance the look and feel of your space in a way that you had never imagined before. So, if you want your kitchen to look straight out of a Pinterest board, we’d say, definitely vote for black!

A Light Over The Sink? Why Not!

Yes, you might be wondering that doing that might be a little over the top, but we’d say that it will look absolutely gorgeous! Besides, just like you need light to mix the right ingredients and cook the best food, you also need light to wash away all that dirt, don’t you? So, get over with the ‘too much’ thought already and get a fun fixture to fix overhead!

…Because Rose Gold Never Goes Out Of Style

Oh come on! Who doesn’t adore that lovely rose gold hue? To be true, we can never get over this neutral, classy, elegant and adorable shade, ever! So, if you want to have a rose gold light fixture for yourself, just go ahead and buy it! Trust us, it looks great on any bling thing – phones, tabs, earrings, dresses and even lights!

Wrapping Up

Now, you must be wondering why we mention pocket-friendly if we gave you such dramatic ideas. Well, if you can find just the right store, these fixtures will definitely be easy on your pockets. And if you don’t, you can just grab the materials and make them yourselves! A great DIY project is also fun, right?

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