10 Shaker Kitchen Design Ideas for a Clean and Minimal Look

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Shaker Kitchen Design is known for its simple yet classic look. It can be easily designed and created using modern interior design ideas, too. The main aspect of this design is simplicity which you should follow to achieve the real Shaker style in your kitchen. Shaker style exudes clean lines and contains understated elements. The cabinet doors are usually flat with no crown molding around them, which makes the cabinets appear longer than they really are. This sophisticated styling provides an airy feeling to your kitchen.

So here we have some ideas:

Use White Cabinets

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A Shaker-style kitchen design usually contains light-colored cabinets. It creates a clean and simple look. You can use it for your kitchen, too. By painting the cabinets white, you will get a classic and sophisticated look of the Shaker style. Paint the base cabinets with semi-gloss enamel paint and then finish them by topping them with clear gloss enamel to protect the paint from any damage.

Build Uppers and Lowers Separately

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If you want to create a modern yet classic Shaker kitchen design, you need to separate upper and lower cabinets. This allows you to play around more with this traditional design idea because if both of them are combined, it will make your kitchen appear shorter and smaller than it is.

Use Flat and Slab Cabinet Door Fronts

To create a simple Shaker style, you need to apply flat door fronts. This will make your kitchen look clean and modern at the same time. It will also protect your cabinet contents from any damage because of the smooth finish of this door front design. You can choose other kitchen cabinet refinishing options, too, but using flat doors is the best choice for this style because it allows you to show off more of the cabinet box inside.

Go for Recessed Panel Cabinets

A recessed panel door adds warmth and depth to Shaker cabinets. These are usually crafted by joining horizontal boards together with grooves along their length which then form an inset panel. You can use this type of design for your cabinets, too.

Use Shaker Doors with Hinges

Hinges are usually used to secure the cabinet doors so they will not open by themselves when you are moving around in your kitchen. This feature is necessary if you want to create a modern look for your cabinets because it gives them an airy feel which makes the room appear larger than it actually is. A lot of hinges are available in various finishes but all of them give a traditional look to the cabinets, especially if they are painted white. Another benefit of these hinges is that they allow you easily open or close the cabinet door without making much noise.

Add Glass Doors to Upper Cabinets

Glass doors are usually used on upper cabinets because they allow more light to get into your kitchen, which makes it appear larger than it really is. You can easily place jars or other small items inside them without having difficulty in finding them when you need them.

Add Glass Shelf Dividers

Instead of using solid glass for the shelves, you can use glass dividers. This allows you to show off more of your cabinet items and creates a more sophisticated look at the same time.

Use Bead Board Back Panels

To create a Shaker kitchen design, one of the best ways is by placing beadboard backs on your cabinets. It gives the room an elegant look that also adds warmth at the same time. The Shakers used this feature in their kitchen cabinets to protect the items inside from any damage.

Add Raised Panels on Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors that are made up of raised panels can also create a sophisticated look for your Shaker-style kitchen design. This type of door not only protects your cabinet contents but also provides warmth to the room while still remaining simple and clean.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

As mentioned earlier, painting your cabinets white will create a classic look for your kitchen that is very attractive at the same time. If you want to achieve the real Shaker style, take note that this color matches well with other colors like beige or gray so ensure that you use them in different areas of your room.


Creating a Shaker-style kitchen design might be challenging but the outcome is definitely worth it. This look can add warmth and sophistication to your room, which will give you an idea of how this design works well in traditional homes, too. If you need more help with your kitchen renovation plan, feel free to check out our other articles about cabinet designs or kitchen cabinets materials.

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